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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Video Update!

A quick post with videos!

Yes, I know that it has been a LONG TIME since we posted any sort of update. I've got a real update planned for sometime this week to cover everything since Molly's hospital stay in January up to current. But first, some fun videos!

The first video is a quick peek at how McKenzie spends her time on car rides. In this case, we're rocking out to Pink on the radio:

The next two videos were taken just tonight. I seriously thought that Lindsey was going to throw up she was laughing so hard. These are the only 2 videos I could capture because I was laughing so hard by the end that I couldn't hold the camera straight.

The first is Molly learning that she can spin around in circles.

Now, McKenzie joins in on the fun, with predictable results.

Seriously, it was like they were drunk. Both of them just stumbled and fell all over themselves for about 5 minutes after the spinning stopped. It was too funny.

Ok, so, for real I'll post an update by the end of the week. This should tide you over until then!

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