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Friday, February 20, 2009

Molly's Update

We had our follow-up appointment yesterday with Dr. Moses regarding Molly's hip ultrasound on Monday. There have been no changes in the last 6 weeks and Dr. Moses is still unsure as to how to proceed. Since ultrasounds for breech babies is still relatively new (in the last 7-8 years or so) there isn't enough data to predict if this acetabular insufficiency is something serious or not.

We could try and treat it by putting Molly in a harness for 23 hours a day for 3 months or so. The harness would hold her legs in the correct position to her hips and hopefully keep the hip sockets aligned correctly while the bone developed. The harness would be a royal pain in the butt both for us and for her. Plus, there is no proof out there that the harness now would prevent surgery to correct the problem later.

So, we pretty much decided just to let it ride and watch how things develop over the next year or so. She'll go back in about 2 months just for a normal x-ray to see how the hip socket bones are developing and if they see any problems at that point. If that's clear and a scan at 1 year is clear, we'll be good to go. Otherwise, she'll get yearly scans until she's 13 and possibly face hip socket adjustment surgery in 3 to 5 years which the doc called more like carpentry than surgery. I didn't want any more details on that right now...

So, that's it for now. Regardless of how the hips are lining up, we shouldn't see any issues with her crawling or walking. Yay...

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow...time flies...

Yeah, so, it's been almost a month since the last update. Sorry about that. I sincerely apologize to all my passionate readers who have begged me to resume writing this blog. Here's a sample of the please I have received:

"I really love the blog. Please start writing again soon!"     Joan B.


"I can't go to sleep at night without knowing what's going on in the lives of your precious girls. Please start posting again soon!!!"  Hugs and Kisses, Sarah C.



Ok, ok...I get the point. I'll write another blog you go.

So, here's what has been going on over the last month or so. I closed on a house back in January. I've also written 2 new listings and had 1 deal fall through...yay. I also joined the Kiwanis club, officially. Maybe get some referrals through those guys. Lindsey has been working at the hospital nearly full time. She has Wednesday's off so she can spend time with the girls during the week.

The girls have been laying around, not really doing much of anything. Still eating and sleeping and pooping. Tough life. They did get their share of excitement the first part of February. Lindsey and I took a trip to Las Vegas and left the girls at home, alone.

Well, not really alone. Lindsey's parents came down to stay with them with support from her grandparents as well. They ended up staying 5 days at our house to keep the girls company. It was surprisingly easy to leave them behind. I think it was because we had prepared ourselves for a few months that we were going to be leaving. Since we knew we were leaving, we decided to do a test run the weekend before. We sent the girls to my parent's house on Saturday evening so that they could take them to church with them on Sunday. Needless to say, the experiment was a bit rough on the mother.

Now, in her defense, we did decide kinda late in the day to try this experiment out. Therefore, there was no preparing that took place. It ended up working out ok though. Everyone survived and there was no permanent damage done.

So, back to Vegas. Lindsey and I went for the APTA CSM 2009. Now, to translate that, American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting 2009. Basically, the annual meeting of all physical therapists everywhere. The reason Lindsey went was to receive her award (the Pediatric Clinical Specialist designation she tested for and received last May). Wow, the meeting was BORING. Something about a hospital is a village and we need to protect and make our village run better or something...

The reason why we went:

Other than that, we had a great time in Vegas. We hit nearly all of the main casinos along the strip. It seems that every hotel is a combination hotel, casino, and shopping mall. This makes them huge! Thank goodness for the strip bus that ran up and down the strip 24 hours a day. We went to the top of the Stratosphere, took a gondola ride in the Venetian, and went to a Cirque de Soleil show at the Bellagio.

Gondola ride in the Venetian

View from the top of The Stratosphere

We stayed at the Luxor on the south end of the Strip since the conference was in the Mandalay Bay center. I wouldn't recommend the Luxor. It's quite dated now and is more like an old Holiday Inn than a posh Vegas casino. Oh well, it wasn't bad for spending the night.

So, while we were living it up in Vegas, the girls were hanging out at the house. Here are a few pictures of their adventures:

So, that just about catches us up to the current time. This past weekend, Molly and McKenzie were baptized. We made a video and have it posted on YouTube if you want to take a look.

It looks much better in HD.

We had a luncheon after the service. Here's a picture of the girls in their baptism gowns. One of those was mine and the other was Lindsey's. Ain't that weird...

As this was a major production, we even had a costume change:

So, that just about catches you up to now. Molly had another hip ultrasound on Monday and we will see the doctor later today (ahhh! it's late!) They're just wanting to make sure everything stays the way it is and doesn't get any looser. No word on how much the girls weigh now. We don't go back to the pediatrician until March 16th (I've heard there's something else this day but I'm not sure what...must not be important). We also think that McKenzie is getting her first tooth. There's something sharp and pointy sticking out of her three months. Yikes.

Alright, so that's it. You're all caught up. Enjoy!

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