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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The End of the Beginning

Today might be Molly's last day in the NICU! Yay! 

Finally, it looks like we're going to have both of our children at home with us by the end of the day on Thursday. All she has to do is keep her oxygen levels and heartbeat stable and we'll be good to go home.

First though, let me tell you about last night. So, around 8:30 Tuesday night, we're chillin' around the house getting ready for bed and the phone rings. I answer and the person on the other end asks for "Mr. Sharpe". Yay, telemarketer. So, I say "you got him". She says, "This is Kathy in the NICU. I don't want you to be alarmed but can I have your parent code?"

Sidebar: when you have a kid in the NICU, you're assigned a 4 digit number as a "parent code". So, that way you can call in and get updates on your kid and they'll know it's you. When we were assigned our parent code, the nurse made a big deal about not telling anyone the code, not even the grandparents. I offered to sell it to my in-law's but I didn't get any takers.

So, back to the story...I give her my parent code (FYI, it's ****). She then proceeds to tell me that Molly has been moved from Pod 3 to Pod 6 and she should be good to go home on Thursday.

GOOD LORD could have done that a bit differently instead of getting my mind racing as to what could be wrong. How about this next time..."Is this Molly's dad? Ok, just had an update about moving her around a bit...can I get you parent code? Ok cool..."

In my perfect world, that's how it would work. STEVENTOPIA. That would be a cool country. Casual everydays, not just Fridays. And free lunch...


Ok, so Molly is doing great. She had her last IV removed on Tuesday night. We went to see her this afternoon and got to give her another bath (what the heck are these kids doing in there to need baths all the time?) and got her to breastfeed again. She's no longer on any sort of feeding restrictions so we're thinking maybe chicken nuggets for going home party? I don't know.

I "got to" bathe her this time. Here are a few pictures to prove my worth.

Here we are post bath getting dried off.

Mommy's mouth is huge!

After a bath and harassment from mom, it was time to eat some dinner.

And now that we're all full, it was time to rest.

McKenzie continues to do well at home. We heard from our pediatrician that our appointment with the specialist in Birmingham is on Dec. 16 at 9AM! Wow, that's early...

So, Happy Turkey Day to everyone. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I can post a picture with both girls together at home. Finally...

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