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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Week, Lessons Learned

So, another week has flown by and we have all managed to survive somehow. We tried our hardest to screw stuff up but we made it through. Whew.

So, what happened this week in the lives of the twins? Not terribly much, but that's ok. We need some slow times every once in a while just to feel like we're in control (yeah right...)

So, Molly and McKenzie are on this awesome schedule where they eat about every 3 hours during the day and every 4 - 5 hours at night. Yeah, that was true up until this past week. There's something to be said about this whole "now we're past our due date so we're going to go crazy" thing that other parents have been telling us about. Molly and McKenzie have definitely got some different personalities going on.

For some reason, McKenzie has no problems taking naps or sleeping until it's after 10PM. Then, the child is a holy terror and won't calm down unless someone is holding her. I think she's afraid of falling asleep. That sounds kinda funny but seems to be the truth.

Molly is pretty passive about most things. She's definitely the stronger of the 2 and has much better head control. She can pick her head up and move it all around. So, that's fun.

Molly had her cardiologist appointment on Tuesday this past week with Dr. Parsons. We didn't find any serious issues. She had about 1500 PVC's (premature/early heartbeats) in a 24 hour period. That's like 1 every 2 minutes or something. The main thing they look for are thousands of PVC's (like 30,000) or multiple PVC's in a row. Molly never had any of those so we're looking pretty sweet there. We have to go back in April for a follow-up. Yay...more doctor's appointments!

While we were at the hospital, we went down to radiology and picked up a CD with McKenzie's head ultrasound pictures on it. Here's a picture of her cyst:

Yeah, it looks big and stuff but it doesn't seem to be having any effect on her. At least, she hasn't told me about it or anything.

Wednesday we got a phone call from the insurance company asking some questions about the girls for their life policies. One of the questions was "What is the current condition of the child?" I responded, "Warm and happy..." and the girl laughed and said she had to put that in the report. Well, at least it was true...

Friday was interesting to say the least. We had a girl come over and take some photographs of the girls. It was a 2 hour session with a bunch of different poses and stuff. I'm happy to report that both girls were so comfortable with the process that they both peed on the girl's props.


After the photos were done, Lindsey had her work Christmas party to go to. It's such a big deal that the entire Children's Therapy department at the hospital shuts down. So, while mom is gone, I figured that the girls and I could run a quick errand. I needed to pick up a keybox and sign from a property on Mowbrey Mountain, something that should take a grand total of 45 minutes. So, I feed the kids, get them in their car seats and take off for the mountains.

Well, something happened to my real estate key. It wouldn't work. So, I called tech support. After some troubleshooting, they tell me it's shot and I'll need to get a replacement. Now, normally, this would not have been a big deal, at all. But, on Saturday, I already had 7 showings (!) scheduled for a couple. So, I was going to be needing my key ASAP. 

So, here I am on top of Mowbrey Mountain at 3PM on Friday afternoon realizing that I have to get to the Chattanooga Association of Realtors on Amnicola Hwy before 4:30 to get a replacement key. 

Now, did I have a diaper bag with me? Nope

Did I have any milk with me? Nope

Was I going to call Lindsey and tell her to leave her party early? Nope

Would Lindsey have killed me if I told her where I was? Probably...

So, we trucked on. And made it. And survived to tell about it.

Molly was a bit miffed by the time we got home at 4:50PM, only 50 minutes past their scheduled feeding time. McKenzie didn't seem to mind. 

Lesson learned: it's impossible to assume that a trip will only take 45 minutes. Always pack for overnight cause you just never know!

So, Saturday I had my 7 showings with a great guy who's looking for his first house. Fun day with his dad and girlfriend. While I was away, my in-laws snuck into town to visit with the girls. Lindsey and I got to grab some dinner tonight at Olive Garden (thanks Burton's!) while the grandparents and aunt babysat.

That's a wrap from this week. This is long and doesn't have any pictures. Sorry if you actually read all of this...

We're going to Birmingham for McKenzie's appointment on Tuesday. We have to leave here around 6:45AM (!) in order to make it for a 9am appointment. No idea how long it's going to take but I guess we'll see. Til next time!

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