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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Post Christmas Wrap Party

Christmas time has come and gone and the girls seem to have had a great time. I'm still working on getting the pictures downloaded and ready for posting so look for an update in the next couple of days.

We spent time with both of our families over Christmas and ended up messing up the girl's schedules something awful. Molly decided that sleep was vastly overrated and spent 3 hours from 3am til 6am one night screaming and then an hour the next night between 3am and 4am doing the same. Very exciting. Lindsey says I got a bit agitated at one point and asked her why she couldn't do something about the child. I don't recall any hostility but my wife begs to differ.

But, we survived! One cool thing that I got for Christmas is a MinoHD Flip video camera

Check out the link but basically it's a tiny video camera that actually shoots in high def. This thing is smaller than a cell phone so it's easy to take everywhere.

As a test, I shot a short video of McKenzie enjoying the sunshine this past weekend in Maryville. Let's see if this works...

Ok, we're back. Look for more videos as we go on. Since this thing is so small, I'm sure we'll be using it more and more (Lindsey says, if we remember)

So, other news...Molly got to go to the hospital this morning for a hip ultrasound. Since she was breech, the doctor's request that we get an ultrasound when they hit 6 weeks of age to make sure the hips are doing what they are supposed to. Of course, they wouldn't tell us the results of the test. She seems to be walking just fine...

While we were at the hospital, we visited with Stacey and made our trip reservations for Las Vegas! Yeah, the new parents are abandoning their twins at 3 months of age to go and play in Vegas for 5 days.

Really, it's work related. Lindsey and two of her coworkers earned a special designation called the Pediatric Clinical Specialist. It's a big deal. There are only about 700 of them in the entire country and at least 5 of those work in Lindsey's department. So, we're going to Vegas for the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in February so Lindsey (and Stacey and Amanda) can receive their award. It's going to be swanky!

Ah, last story...and this one might be too much information so if you're sensitive to these sorts of things, look away now... might not want to read this...

Are you still with me? Ok, cool...

So, here's the story. After Molly's swallow study the week of Christmas, she started producing some...interesting...poops. Like, butterscotch pudding consistency. Now, this in and of itself is not a bad thing. Babies's what they do. The problem was the volume...we're talking wrapped all the way around the top of the legs and just everywhere. I couldn't fathom where this was coming from.

Now, they had told us that the dye stuff they used would cause some digestive issues but this was just nuts. Anyway, these creations lasted for much longer than you would think the dye would cause. So, Lindsey hypothesized that maybe, just maybe, it was the milk thickener, Simply Thick, that was causing these bountiful productions. So, she asked me to see if I could find out more about this and see if that was a possibility.

So, there I was, 2 days after Christmas, firing up Google and entering the search terms "Simply Thick Poop".

Thank God I wasn't doing an image search...

That's all folks!

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