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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video Update!

In my last blog update, I promised that some videos would be posted by the end of the week. Well, since then, both girls have been sick, mom has been sick, and I've been tasked with taking care of everything else around here. So, video updates kinda got pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Well, no more! Our audience demands video and so video you shall have! At least a few...

Our first video is McKenzie attempting to pull to stand on her own for the first time. It just so happened that she tried it in her crib and I also just so happened to have just gotten a new Blackberry with a video camera built in. This is from the end of July. Enjoy!

Yeah, ouch...

Next up is a short video of Molly and McKenzie practicing for an upcoming talent show. I'm not sure they've practiced the duet enough to perform in front of actual people. Tell me what you think...

Bach it's not...

Next up is a terrifying video on many levels. Apparently, the only thing keeping us safe from the invading hordes are doorknobs. Here's Molly overcoming another obstacle.


Here's another video mainly of Molly showing off her latest fun thing to do...

Yeah, she just stands then drops, stands then drops...hope she's awful pretty when she grows up!

Last video for now is from our recent Labor Day visit to Maryville. Here's aunt Jamie entertaining both the girls with her crazy antics.

And that's it for now. Goodnight!

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