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Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Week in Review

Well, it looks like we're on some sort of weekly update schedule right now. I guess the girls just aren't doing anything interesting that makes me want to run to the computer and post something funny/cool/interesting/etc.

So, what's happened over the last week? Short answer: not much. Sorry, boring I know. But, we'll do some sort of summary here.

So, Molly and McKenzie continue to grow and do well. Their original due date was December 3 which was this past Wednesday. Apparently, they decided it was time to really start living. That night, McKenzie decided that she wanted to stay up from midnight until 2am and then again from 3am til 5:30am or so. Fun fun fun. Mommy and me enjoyed the heck outta that. No really, we did.

Good news of the week: our recliner for the nursery supposedly shipped out from the factory today on the way to our house. It's only 5 weeks late but it'll sure be comfy when we're trying to rock some child to sleep at 5am.

We also went to see Dr. Jeanie again on Friday. Both girls have now surpassed their birth weights. Molly is now 7 pounds 3 ounces and McKenzie is 6 pounds 9 ounces. That's an increase of 13 ounces and 11 ounces respectively in just 7 days. Little pigs we're raising.

We finally got our info from Dr. Oakes in Birmingham concerning McKenzie's appointment on Dec. 16. It looks like we don't have much of an option other than being in Birmingham at 9am that morning. Ugh...not looking forward to that. Cool thing though is that ultrasounds and imaging done at the hospital is now given to you on a CD. If it's something I can read on my computer, I'll post the ultrasound (if Lindsey lets me...)

Some things we discovered this week:

1) Molly DOES NOT like her swing AT ALL

Here's a picture of her just prior to the blow up. She screamed like a banshee and then wouldn't even sit in it when it wasn't moving. Oh well...

2) Little pullover gowns are SO MUCH easier to work with when changing diapers

Here's a picture of the girls in their gowns.

Seriously, pants on a 2 week old is a joke. It's not cute, it's annoying. Maybe that's just me. Ok, sorry...

3) McKenzie has big freaky eyes...

4) Apparently, the girls like each other...

Last note for the week...

Our Sunday School class has started bringing us meals every other day starting this past Thursday. The Chambers brought us some fabulous beef stew, beer bread, cookies, and pound cake. It was all awesome. Tonight, the Ramsey's and the Miles' brought us some chicken pie, green beans and brownies.

The Ramsey's also brought their 5 month old Grayson, also know as "Gello". Gello got to meet the ladies for the first time...

But, in the end, I think he's more in touch with his toys than the ladies...

Thank God...

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Blogger JamieC said...

oh my goodness. So so cute! I miss you all and them so much already. they are growing so fast so quickly!!!! I have to come see them before Christmas!

December 7, 2008 at 12:23 AM  

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